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M20 Mini-Splits

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* Complete warranty details available from your local dealer.

Up to 20 SEER Performance
R-410A Refrigerant

The MS20 mini-splits are economical to install and provide cooling and heating with the convenience of a remote control. And best of all, turn the system off when you leave to save mony on energy bills.

These Mini-Splits offer additional heating and cooling without costly changes to your homes central cooling and heating system. Please see the product brochure for more information.

Special Features

  • DC inverter: The DC Inverter uses the advanced 180 Sine Wave technology and combines this with a brushless DC motor compressor. This combination creates a more efficient system that reduces both sound and temperature fluctuations.
  • Twine Rotary Compressor: With double cams, this compressor has several features that increase its performance and reliability. The opposite double-blade design yields mechanical stability and less vibration that could cause stress on other components. An added benefit offered by the Twin Rotary compressor is its low noise level compared to conventional rotary compressors.
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