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Climax Air Conditioning


Your Choicest Toronto Furnace repair Company!

Climax Air Conditioning is a Toronto based company servicing the whole Toronto city and its surroundings. We are well established in both knowledge and expertise to provide you with dependable repair solutions. Our expertise is in Air Conditioner repair, Air Conditioner maintenance, Furnace repair, Furnace Maintenance, Water heater repair and tankless water heater repair. Our company only recruits highly qualified technicians for the repair job. We are unlike other companies that promise you the best services only to deliver the opposite. Climax Air Conditioning is fully insured and licensed to conduct residential, commercial and industrial repairs. Our technicians are certified too.

Air Conditioner repair

Be prepared for weather changes by ensuring that your air conditioning system is working well.  Sometimes when temperatures are to the extreme, it can get very uncomfortable. Avert this by getting your faulty AC repaired. We have air conditioner repair experts that will inspect the damage and correct it the soonest possible.  Climax Air Conditioning is here to make your broken down Air Conditioner fully operational. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Air Conditioner Maintenance

Visit us today for consultations on air conditioner maintenance. It’s important for you to consider your options. If the A/C is well maintained, it will serve you for longer. It also prevents damages which will require frequent repairs. In the long run, regular air conditioner maintenance saves you money. If we discover an element that needs repair during a maintenance routine, we’ll advise on it immediately. Maintenance includes cleaning the system to improve air flow. It therefore boosts the performance of your air conditioner.

Furnace Repair

At Climax Air Conditioning, we offer unparalleled furnace repair services. We have seasoned technicians experienced in repairing gas, dual fuel and electrical furnaces. Our furnace repair specialists will determine the cause of the problem and solve it accordingly. We’ll then create a plan that will prevent further damage to the furnace. Our services are cost-effective and we’ll discuss the cost with you beforehand. Contact our customer support desk today for assistance.

Furnace Maintenance

If you are looking for a company that will offer you amazing furnace maintenance packages, consider hiring Climax Air Conditioning. We’ll help you choose a plan that suits you. A well planned maintenance pattern will without a doubt keep your furnace operational for a long time. We’ll also check the safety of the furnace by inspecting carbon monoxide leakage which is toxic and harmful to your health.

Water Heater repair

Has your water heater broken down? We provide effective water heater repair services to our clientele. To continue enjoying a full supply of hot water, have your damaged water heater repaired. We’ll evaluate the extent of the damage whether minor or major, then give you a quote.  Our rates are quite competitive. We take into consideration your budget plan as well. Our technicians will ensure that your water heater works perfectly 24/7.

Tankless Water Heater repair

If your Tankless water heater is faulty. Call Climax Air Conditioning today for quality repair services. Our experienced Tankless water repair engineers are well equipped with proper tools that will immediately get the job done. We’ll test the performance of the unit so that we can determine the issue and solve it immediately. Feel free to contact our customer support desk any time for assistance.

Heating & cooling Systems

Our repairing and installing services allows you to enjoy maximum level of comfort at your home

Air Conditioning Systems

Learn more out about the air conditioning systems we service

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Indoor Air Quality

Find out how we can help improve indoor air quality of your home

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Controls & Thermostats

Find out more about the residential digital controls and thermostats

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Gas Furnaces

Find out more about how gas furnaces can deliever comfort

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FREE in-home Consultation

Book your FREE in-home consultation session today and find out how we can help you choose the right system for your family. Contact us today and find out how we can help save up to 50% on your energy bills while making your home more comfortable. At Climax Air Conditioning, we offer a variety of financing options with as low as 0% interest.

We Service All Brands!

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