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All gas furnaces are not created equal.

Only the full line of goodman brand gas furnaces use a unique, award-winning, primary heat exchanger design that continues to set reliability records in our testing laboratory. choose from modulating, variable-speed or single-speed models in any AFUE rating.

Modulating Gas Furnaces

Goodman brand modulating gas furnaces feature self-calibrating gas valves that allow modulating performance from 35% to 100%. This wide range offers outstanding levels of comfort, efficiency, and quite performance compared to non-modulating gas furnaces.

Variable-Speed Gas Furnaces

Quickly, quietly, and efficiently delivering outstanding levels of warm comfort are hallmarks of Goodman brand variable-speed gas furnaces.
These gas furnaces feature a two-stage gas valve for addes performance and reliability.

Multi-Speed Gas Furnaces

Goodman brand single-stage and two-stage, multi-speed gas furnaces offer reliable performance and time-tested motor is coupled with a single-stage gas valve disigned to deliver quite comfort.

Unique and dependable heat Exchanger

If you consider the heat exchanger an essential component of a gas furnace, then it makes sense to choose one that offers outstanding performance. The award-winning design of the primary heat exchanger in all goodman brand gas furnaces is unique. It’s constructed from tubular, aluminized-steel and formed into a dual-diameter configuration. furthermore, the use of wrinkle-bend technology results in an extremely durable heat exchanger. A muffler-joint is used to enhance the strength of the two-piece design of this heat exchanger. As the heat exchanger gets hot, the joint is fortified. This exceptional combination offers one of the best levels of reliability, durability, and efficiency you’ll find in a heat exchanger .

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